McIlroy takes swing at Muirfiled despite changing their women vote

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Just when you thought the controversy over another long standing club in the U.K. having to change their policy and allow women members, enter Rory McIlroy back into the fray.

As we wrote Tuesday, Muirfield in Scotland, reversed their controversial “no vote” of last year and has now decided overwhelmingly to allow women members to the over 200 year old club. In doing so, Muirfield got back in the good graces of the R & A and will be able to host a future Open Championship next decade, when the next ones are awarded.

Well, Wednesday in Orlando preparing for the Arnold Palmer Invitational former #1 in the World, Rory McIlory, was asked at his press conference to weigh in on the “re-vote” in Scotland by the club.

Summation? “Shots fired!”

Here’s Golf Channel’s Will Gray with the full context:


Muirfield last hosted the Open Championship in 2013, where Phil Mickelson captured the title for the first time in his career. But if they thought they would be getting a “bump,” public relations-wise from the Tuesday vote, McIlroy’s comments definitely cut them back down.

Believe us, and our colleague Paul Stewart in the U.K. will verify this, the British press LIVES for this kind of “red meat” back and forth and are guaranteed to run with it today and for the short term.

It’s also refreshing in a day and age when so many star athletes in all sports worldwide don’t want to take any stand one way or another on anything, that McIlroy would speak up, again. He’s never been shy about that, including last summer when he said he “wouldn’t watch” golf in the Summer Olympics because of the format and it being jammed in the summer schedule of U.S. and European golf.

It created a great buzz last summer, but ultimately great golf for the men’s title in Rio compelled everyone, including Rory to admit he tuned in, too.

Still, his comments create a stir, and follow up discussion and that’s not bad….except, apparently, for Muirfield.

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