Review: TaylorMade M1 Driver

Photo by Tom DeCaprio

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M Family is Sure Mpressive so far…

Being a TaylorMade Staffer, I was lucky enough to be invited to their TP Classic last December at Trump International in West Palm Beach. There, we were treated to a brand new driver head and we were all given an overview of the entire line coming out in 2017. Let me tell you, every year when a manufacturer comes out with their new stuff, you are always a little skeptical, maybe thinking “shouldn’t I be hitting it 500 yards by now?”. Well, let me tell you, after hitting my new M1 and testing many of the other M products that day and in the days up to this article, TaylorMade has really hit the nail on the head with this launch. And when I say launch, WOW!!

As soon as I screwed the new head on to my Matrix White Tie shaft, I knew this was a good club. Just by the look of the head, it wasn’t closed, it sat perfectly on the ground and had good weight… well then I hit it and was doubly impressed. So, I took to Trackman to find out if I was just imagining things or if this was working better for me.

To get a baseline number, I put my old head back on and hit 10 drives with my normal settings that I used all last year. Out of those 10 drives I averaged 108 MPH clubhead speed, 160 MPH ball speed, 11-degree launch angle and 2635 spin rate. Ball was carrying 270 and rolling out to 292. Then I put the 2017 M1 460 head on (same loft 8.5*, same settings), hit my 10 drives and all I can tell you is that I haven’t seen this much improvement in any other club I have ever tested on trackman. Clubhead speed was 109mph, ball speed jumped to 165mph, launch angle went up to 12* with 2425 spin rate. Ball carry jumped 10 yards to 280 and roll out was 304. Not only was I hitting it farther my shot dispersion was way tighter… meaning I was hitting the new M1 much straighter as well.

The longer track in the back of the club allowed me to reduce my spin even more than my pervious M1. That allowed me to get the ball up in the air a little more with less spin, which is why my carry improved so drastically. The bigger sweet spot allowed my misses to go straighter while not sacrificing that much distance… very key with the driver.

Here are some bullet points for the M1 Driver:

M1 Driver – Distance. Forgiveness. Complete personalization. – Retails – $499.99
– New, lightweight 9-1-1 Titanium skeletal structure & carbon toe panel that accounts for a total of 43% more Carbon composite than its predecessor delivers even more personalization.
– Re-designed T-Track (longer by 11mm / 17%), more aerodynamic = more movable weight = more personalization).
– 64% more front to back CG movement than M1 (460cc) & 94% more CG movement front to back (440cc).
– Stock shaft options: Fujikura XLR8 Pro (hi), MRC Kuro Kage DualCore TiNi (mid) & Project X HZRDUS Yellow (low).
– 30+ no-upcharge shafts available, among the most in the industry.

TaylorMade really was very thoughtful in the design and upgrade of this club. They really took a look at average golfers needs and designed a great club here. Go out, get fitted and see what shaft and setting are right for you then rest easy knowing that your game off the tee will improve.

Check back next week, when I review the M1 3wood and rescue.

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