David Duval on Riviera: “Best Course on the PGA Tour”

Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire

“It’s always been my favorite course to play on the PGA Tour,” David Duval said about Riviera Country Club on the Golf Channel telecast of the Genesis Open. “I might argue that it’s the best course on the PGA Tour.”

It’s one thing for the media covering the Genesis Open to extol the greatness of the famed Riviera layout, but when it comes from the former No. 1 player in the world and winner of The Open Championship in 2001, it carries a little more credence.

“If I lived in the area, I would beg and plead to be a member here,” Duval continued.

Golf Channel play-by-play host Terry Gannon took it a step further and asked Duval what is so great about it.

“Everything to me is,” Duval responded. “The quality of the drives that are required from the player off the tees, approaches into the greens, positioning your golf ball in the proper parts of the greens and then you go right behind us here, yo have the 18th green, but right off to the side is what I would argue might be the very best hole in golf. The 10th at Riviera, a driveable par-4. It’s just an amazing golf hole that just drives players batty.”

And don’t forget about Riviera’s history.

“You can really feel it with the celebrities, the pros, history is here at Riviera,” Duval said. “And you throw in that it is one of the most amazing golf courses that you can ever play. If you have the chance to come see it any time, just come see it. Just walking on the grounds makes you feel better.”

Golf Channel coverage of the Genesis Open at Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades continues throughout the weekend and possibly into Monday depending on the weekend’s weather.


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