What does Tiger’s withdrawal signal for future

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On Friday Tiger Woods’ yet again suffered back problems that caused an early exit from yet another tournament. It’s looking more and more like we are in the final chapter for the 14 time major winner, and it’s hard to argue otherwise, right now.

It is the seventh time Woods has withdrawn due to injury since 2010 and the fourth involving his back, which has now had at least three surgeries already.

So with Tiger due to play twice later this month back in the U.S. on the PGA Tour, it’s anyone guess if he can or will try.

I got the reaction on Friday’s news from Dubai from my colleague here at FRS.Golf, Will Haskett, on the latest edition of “The Fanrag Sports Network on Tunein” Friday preview show.


Hear the full conversations with Will and also from Dr. Selene Parekh of “The Fantasy Doctors” website. Dr. Parekh talks more about back spasms and what this likely indicates for Tiger’s surgically repaired back either streaming or on demand on Tunein here.


What does Tiger’s withdrawal signal for future
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